The developers have created these Design Guidelines to assist you when selecting a home design to suit not only your

lifestyle but the allotment you have chosen.  The Guidelines will take you through the processes and approvals

necessary to enter the construction phase of your new home.  There will be a Memorandum of Encumbrance registered on your Title at settlement.  Preparation and Lodgemnet of this is at the purchasers cost.


The Design Guidelines & Approval Process

Your home is an important asset and we want to assist you maintain its value by protecting and enhancing the

character and vision for the Oceanic North Haven Development.


The Guidelines provide guidance to homeowners, architects and building consultants, giving greater certainty about the quality of homes and how they interact with neighbouring homes, streets and surrounding areas.


These Guidelines form part of the land contract and Memorandum of Encumbrance which will be registered onto your

Certificate of Title for the land at your land settlement with preparation and registration to be at the purchasers cost. All purchasers are contractual obligated to comply with these Guidelines.


Whilst there are some mandatory requirements established within these documents an application which does not strictly adhere to these requirements may be considered on its merits.  Approval from the Developer is additional to and not in lieu of any State or Local Government requirements.  The purchaser must make their own enquiries to Local Government, relating to building on the land.


Guideline Approval

To submit your application please supply floor plan, site plan and elevations and emailed to or posted to Land and Property, Suite 4, 300 Glen Osmond Road, Fullarton  SA  5063 (two copies must be supplied if posted).  These must be approved by the developer prior to submitting to the Port Adelaide Enfield Council.


General Information

The footpaths throughout the development may be concrete or concrete paving or similar materials, to be selected by the Developer and subject to Council Approval.  Driveway crossovers to each allotment are required to be completed by the purchaser to the Developers specification once determined by Council.  Prior to arranging for your driveway

crossover to be installed, please contact the Developer to discuss the specific requirements.


Any clotheslines, air conditioners, satellite dishes are other ancillary structures should be located away form the primary street address and out of public view where possible.


Any fencing, entry statements, street trees, street furniture or other infrastructure erected or installed by the developer or Council must not be removed or altered and must be maintained by the allotment owner.


Vehicle parking, line marking, street furniture and street infrastructure within the roadway will be determined by Council. See the Building Envelope Plan for further details.


The proposed reserve will also serve as a stormwater detention area and may contain elements such as reed beds, rock work, grassed play spaces, footpaths & retaining walls.


Building Time Limits

Completion of the dwelling must be within 12 months (1 year) from the construction commencement. 


Landscaping Time Limits

Purchasers are to establish the front yard and landscaping within the road verge (corner allotments also include the verge to secondary street frontage) within 6 months of construction completion of the home.  This must also be

maintained to a standard acceptable to the developer.  Fully concreted or paved front yards are not acceptable.  Verge areas must be established in accordance with Council guidelines and requirements.

Built Form

Homes being designed on corner allotments will need to address the secondary street frontage to match the façade.  For example, wrap around verandah, same windows to the side as what is on the front of the home, rendering to continue from the façade.  This secondary street frontage will be required to continue along this side of the home by at least 4m and can not be covered by any colorbond/solid fencing.


All external structures forward or visible from the street or reserve (eg. Shade sails, pergolas etc) should integrate with the main dwelling in terms of colours and materials.


Homes will be required to be built with a mix of building materials which will be subject to Developers Approval.  A

minimum of two composite materials should be used on front facades—for example brick and render or brick and timber or render and stone etc.  Please note that front doors, window surrounds, garage doors are not to be considered a secondary composite material.


No dwellings such as transportable buildings, sheds, caravans or temporary accommodation shall be on allotments or roadways. 


Fencing between neighbours should be colorbond good neighbour or post and rail (rails not to be visible from any public view) and the colour of Woodland Grey.  Decorative fencing is specified on the building envelope plan and is at the discretion of the developer regarding location as may depend on the house design.  Decorative fencing types should be discussed at the time of contract.  Fencing forward of the building line must be open in nature (see through) and to a maximum height of 1.5m.


Building Envelope Plan (see plan below)

A Building Envelope Plan has been prepared for each allotment that indicates the area of the site which your home should be sited.  Each Envelope Plan indicates:

  • The minimum setback from each boundary

  • Appropriate locations for any ‘building to the boundary’ for garage/carports

  • Location of driveways—please note: changing the location of the garage could mean services such as water

       meter, electricity posts, fire posts, signs, light poles, pits or any other services will be in your driveway (if this occurs           any modifications or moving of services will be at the purchaser cost.

Envelope Plan  30092020.jpg

Terms & Conditions

This website is used for the promotion of the Vendor's land development located at Lancaster Drive North Haven and branded as 'Oceanic North Haven’. 

The allotments are offered for sale by the Vendor's Agent on an 'offer and acceptance' basis and are being sold in conjunction with Rossdale Homes as House & Land Packages.

All intending purchasers must make their own enquiries in relation to the suitability of this development and individual allotments. 

 All brochures and images are for illustration purposes only and no responsibility is taken for any omissions, errors or for any loss or damage caused by the use of this website or the material contained in it. 

Digitally drawn home facades are used for illustration purposes only and may not depict the actual home being offered. 

Please check inclusions on the packages for included items or discuss with a Rossdale Homes Consultant. 

Single storey or double storey homes can be built on any allotment. 

Power, water and other forms of utility infrastructure may effect allotments.  SAPN transformers may be required and may be required to be on allotments. 


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